When Nana left Ghana in 2010 to pursue a college education in Ohio, he knew there would be challenges. Upon moving here, he went to Walmart and quickly realized that there was no authentic African food like he was used to at home. There was Mexican food or Chinese food, but nothing authentic to Africa. Because of this, in a business class in college, he was challenged to create a product; he chose to make traditional African food. Thus, the idea for his business – Micah Specialty Foods – emerged.

Shortly after receiving an HFLA business loan, Nana attended our annual fundraiser, Party114, where he met Eric, an HFLA board member. They hit it off at the party, enjoying each other’s company and learning more about each other. Eric became a sounding board and advisor for Nana, helping this already successful man get even farther in the business world.

Nana wrote to Eric in a sentimental note:

Everyday, you remind me that I am not alone in my effort to grow and build a successful business.

Nana and Eric still sit down for coffee and can talk for hours at a time. For them, it’s more than just business. A friendship had truly blossomed.