Robert Knox worked as a barber for 17 years in Cleveland but had to retire after he fell and broke his neck, putting him on disability and a fixed income. After his wife passed away in 2018, Robert was referred to HFLA by ESOP who was working with Robert on establishing a budget to help him maintain his necessary expenses. His wife’s passing left him not only with funeral expenses, but reduced his fixed monthly income by about 60% when he lost his wife’s pension.

Through a combined effort, ESOP helped Robert establish a budget that could secure his basic needs, and HFLA provided a loan that allowed Robert pay off remaining funeral balances, back taxes, and overdue utilities to get him back on the right foot.

In June, 2020, Robert was diagnosed with COVID-19 and hospitalized. This lead to another major financial crisis. Again, HFLA was there to provide Robert with a COVID-19 Emergency Loan, getting him through this speed bump and letting him focus on his health first, not his financial situation.