Loan Description: Standard Loan

In order to qualify the applicant must:

  • Live in Northeast Ohio.
  • Have an income with the ability to repay the loan on a monthly basis.
  • Lack the ability to obtain the needed funds from a conventional lender like a bank or credit union.
  • If married, apply with spouse/partner as co-applicant. A co-applicant may also be appropriate in other situations.
  • Apply with a guarantor. A guarantor will be legally liable for the full amount of the loan.

Other important things to know:

  • Credit will be checked for all applicants, co-applicants, and guarantors with an emphasis on payment history, not a three digit credit score.
  • The maximum loan amount is $10,000.
  • Upon approval, all checks are made payable directly to creditors (source of need) and not individuals (borrowers).
  • Learn More: How to Apply

Download applications below. 

Featured image: Standard Loan Recipient, Cigornai. Read her story.