Chana Raizy Hoen

Like many Jews, Raizy and her siblings grew up learning about the land of Israel. They learn about it at synagogue, at school, and at home with their families. They learn the culture, landmarks, and even the Hebrew language, one of the most widely spoken languages in Israel. They form such a connection that, without ever having visited, it starts to feel like a home away from home and a religious haven. Because of this strong connection, visiting Israel is sacred.

When Raizy graduated high school, her family wanted her to go on a gap year to Israel, but they didn’t have the necessary funds. They applied to as many scholarships and aids as possible! But it still wasn’t enough. Fortunately, the family reached out to us and we were able to use a fund that is specified for preserving Jewish identity. After Raizy’s hard work, dedication, and scholarship applications, she is able to take her gap year trip to Israel, regardless of her limited financial situation. Thanks to HFLA, Raizy was able to have this life-changing experience and connect even more with the country that she has been learning about all her life.