Loan Description: Education Loan

Important things to know:

  • Loans are need based, not merit based.
  • The maximum loan request per year is $7,500.
  • The student must be enrolled in a full time undergraduate program (either a two year or four year program) or an accredited vocational course.
  • One co-signer living in the Northeast Ohio area is required for the first $7,500 request. one additional co-signer is required for the second request. A previous co-signer or a new co-signer will be required for subsequent requests.
  • Requests can be made throughout college, however, the aggregate amount cannot exceed $10,000, and no more than $7,500 may be outstanding at a time.

See application qualifications and required documents below. 

Education Loan Qualifications & Required DocumentsLoan FAQs

Featured image: Education Loan-Recipient, Jeremy; Owner of Larder Delicatessen