Standard Loans address the unexpected financial challenges that people who are unable to access traditional financing face. Many people do not have access to funds when financial challenges occur. These situations can include home and car repairs, high-interest debt, emergency funerals, falling behind on bills and more.

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Education Loans address the gap that is often needed in order to pursue undergraduate, graduate, vocational and technical schools. This burden often comes between the student attending or finishing their education. These loans are need-based.

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Business Loans address small businesses and start-ups need for capital when traditional lenders are unwilling to take on the risk. HFLA’s 0% interest loans enable businesses to meet demand and grow their company. This is our fastest growing loan portfolio and currently represents 26% of HFLA’s loans.

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01 Apply

Find the loan applications on the respective loan pages or click the “Find the application” link below the loan description you wish to apply for. Fill out the application, turn that and your documents in as well as your guarantor(s)’ guarantor application(s) and documents. How to Apply.

02 Loan Review

HFLA staff will review each application and will contact you and/or your
guarantors with any questions. If the loan application looks viable, HFLA brings the applicant in for a loan committee. Education loan applicants may not be required to come in for a committee, but should expect to do a telephone interview with staff.

03 Funding

The applicant is notified—typically within a business day–whether or not
the loan has been approved. Approved borrowers and guarantors will then execute the paperwork and receive their check(s) for their creditors/sources of need. These loans are possible because our borrowers have paid their loans back since 1904.

04 Make Payments

Borrowers make payments for the duration of their loan. These loan
payments go back out to the community in the form of new loans to our next loan applicants!

05 Pay it Forward

Help HFLA continue to make interest-free loans! You can do this by
making a donation if you are in a better financial place after your loan is paid off or by telling others in need about our interest-free loans.