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Become an HFLA Corporate Partner

Investing in Northeast Ohio’s renewal starts with investing in its most precious resource, its residents.

Residents are the backbone of Northeast Ohio’s economy. Communities filled with financially stable residents spur four strong elements: small business industry, housing and retail.

An interest-free education, standard or small business loan helps those in the lower to moderate income bracket obtain some of the same options as those in the middle to upper middle income brackets.

For 115 years, HFLA Loan Pool Funds have been sustained through compassionate donors and foundations. To make a bigger impact on the surrounding communities, additional funding is needed. We turn to the corporations of Northeast Ohio to expand our reach. Together, we can help rebuild Northeast Ohio’s communities, one resident at a time.

To learn more about HFLA’s Corporate Partner Program or become a partner, click here.

Provide A Matching Gift Program

If your local or national company matches employee charity contributions, please consider adding us to the list.


Invite HFLA For A Lunch & Learn

Give your employees the benefit of learning how interest-free loans work and the impact they make on Northeast Ohio.  Meet one of our loan recipients and an HFLA staff member at a lunch and learn.

To learn more about corporate giving opportunities, please contact Hillary Butler at (216) 378-9042 or hillary@interestfree.org.

Sponsor an HFLA Event

Event sponsorship opportunities will be made available here. View past events.

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