Last update 7/2/2020

Three weeks before Northeast Ohio shut down for COVID-19 in March 2020, HFLA provided an interest-free loan, in conjunction with the City of Cleveland, to the Cleveland Cookie Dough Company, to open their first brick and mortar store. Expansion plans were paused but this did not stop them from sharing their delicious cookie dough!

Vicki Kotris said:

“These past eight weeks have been wild for us. We’ve gone from closing our first store and having all of our summer food truck events cancelled to booking city-wide neighborhood pop ups. We still have plans to open our store, although our timeline got pushed to the end of summer as we continue to restructure and design safe serving options for customers.”

We are happy that Cleveland Cookie Dough is moving forward and expanding their business. We look forard to seeing the truck and purchasing cookie treats this summer!

Follow their food truck schedule on their Facebook, Instagram, and Website:

Last update 7/2/2020