Heather Ettinger | Founder & CEO, Luma Wealth Advisors

Heather Ettinger is widely recognized for her dedication to helping women build their financial acumen and philanthropic legacy, culminating in the founding of Luma Wealth Advisors in 2017. She specializes in helping clients align their resources around their family values to create impact in their communities.

Heather has a bestselling book entitled, Lumination: Shining a Light on A Woman’s Journey to Financial Wellness and co-authored two significant Women of Wealth studies, highlighting the individualized needs of women. She has been featured in many publications including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Bloomberg and is a frequently-requested speaker. She was honored on InvestmentNews’ inaugural “Women to Watch” list in 2015. For conceiving new ideas and tools that have propelled the financial industry forward, she was recognized at “Icons and Innovators” by Investment News and proudly accepted The Ruth Bader Ginsburg award from the Women’s Vote Project for advancing the aspirations of women in 2019.

Heather attended Dartmouth College, where she earned a B.A., and Laurel School for girls, where she serves as an Emeritus Trustee. Heather currently devotes her advisory time to the Women’s Business Collaborative, 100 Women in Finance, Schwab Advisor Services DEI Advocacy Board and Racing Towards Diversity. She has served on numerous non-profit and corporate boards primarily in healthcare, financial services and consumer products.