Loan Spotlight: Evan Delahanty of Peaceful Fruits


Peaceful Fruits was a result of Evan volunteering with the Peace Corps in the Amazon helping rainforest communities develop economically.  His desire to produce healthy snacks made of ethically sourced fruit from the Amazon and promote fair trade sparked the creation of his company, Peaceful Fruits.

Staffing practices are intentional with a keen focus on hiring indigenous Amazonians to cultivate the fruit in the rainforest and in the Akron facility, people with disabilities.

Evan appeared on Shark Tank – prompting an influx of orders and an immediate need to scale up to meet that demand. He didn’t have the means to fill orders quick enough. HFLA was able to help with a small business loan.

Evan continues to support a healthier community — both in the rainforest, for disabled workers and our own community here in Northeast Ohio.

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