Loan Spotlight: Mary Johnson, owner of Vitiman Kandie

Vitiman Kandie, LLC is the brainchild of Clevelander, Mary Johnson.  She is a personal trainer and healthy lifestyle guru.

Mary received an HFLA interest-free small business loan to open her new store,  Vitiman Kandie, LLC.

Having lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for over a decade, Mary did so by completely changing her lifestyle–cutting out red meat and pork, and creating her own blends of fruit and vegetables to detox her system. She became a personal trainer and realized that her true passion was to help others transform their lives in a positive way.

Vitiman Kandie, LLC, will open in the new incubator space, GlenVillage, in Cleveland’s historic Glenville neighborhood.  Mary is proud to offer cold pressed juices, teas, coffees, supplements, and healthy catering options!

You can learn more by visiting or .

We can’t wait to visit Mary in GlenVillage!