The Cost Burden: Examining the Daily Lives of Working Americans

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Is Having a Job Enough?

Information provided by ”The Complete Financial Lives of Workers: a Holistic Exploration of Work and Public and Workplace Benefit Arrangements,” Sheida Elmi & Financial Security Program, The Aspen Institute.

What is the financial state of the American worker? 
What are the financial  decisions people make in the short term that will have lasting impact on their financial futures? 
What are the  policies in place that prohibit people from getting ahead? 

For many in our nation and region, working full-time and having a job is still not enough to make ends meet. The inflation that our country is experiencing now is only exacerbating a financial trend that has existed for a long time, the cost burden among the working poor and the benefits cliff many Americans experience when attempting to elevate their financial position. 

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June 8, 2022 — Is a Job Enough?

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