Michal Marcus

Executive Director

Having worked at HFLA of Northeast Ohio since 2006, Michal Marcus grew into the role of Exectuive Director. Under her leadership HFLA has increased its outreach and partnerships, tripling its funds that are directly impacting the lives of loan recipients in need. Over the years, she has forged relationships with other non-profits and community foundations to align anti-poverty and financial empowerment efforts. Michal took on a lead role in advocating for payday lending reform at the state level and participated in the passage of HB 123 in 2018. She serves on the executive board of the International Association of Jewish Free Loans (IAJFL) as Vice President.

Michal grew up in North America and Israel. She and her spouse are the proud parents of three socially-conscious young adults. They relocated to the Cleveland area in 2006 and Michal has become a proud advocate for the resurgence of the city, its neighborhoods and its people. Michal is passionate about helping the financially vulnerable and making sure their voices are heard.

Contact Michal at michal@interestfree.org.